YouTube Channel Update: Process of Re-uploading

Posted on February 19, 2016

Needless to say, this news is in fact incredibly upsetting. Especially with already partially stressing out over university, and furthermore, now probably losing time to write the long awaited review on Stellar’s “Sting,” I do have terrible news for readers/viewers: my first YouTube channel got terminated over copyright issues. Specifically, the Maxim modeling video of Fiestar’s Jei, Linzy, and Yezi was the “third strike” that caused the termination. That said, I do not wish for anyone to interpret this as a protest against copyright, or that Maxim should be antagonized. I am indeed in full support of copyright terms that YouTube abides to: it is what helps bring in revenue. With subtitling Fiestar videos for example, I am very open to my videos being monetized by their label company as every cent does matter for the group, and thankfully, LOEN Entertainment does in fact do that. Nevertheless, with Maxim being a different company, the same leniency did not exist–though questions as to why it took the company multiple months.

For what this means, to readers of the blog, this may mean a delay in reviews as I attempt to re-upload the various videos I have had on my first channel. And yes, I thankfully do have all of my subtitled videos saved. In terms of viewers, I will link my second (now my main) channel: AtrocityCL Subs. After the various copyright issues I have had with the first channel (it did, after all, have two strikes prior to Maxim’s), I am now much more cautious regarding videos that will be uploaded and hopefully will not repeat the same mistakes. Overall, though, to confess, this is overall extremely disheartening to me. I have devoted–and will devote–much time into subtitling videos, be it of Fiestar or other groups, and losing the channel is, for a lack of a better phrase, a hit in the face. It does feel that hard work has gone to waste.

Optimistically, however, I do have the ability to re-upload multiple videos (ones with no copyright issues), and thus, it is not an entire lost of work. Additionally, I can finally have all of my videos in one location versus being scattered around. And lastly, I will now take a more formal channel title with “AtrocityCL Subs”–though this is quite a bluff as I am far from fluent in Korean. But, given that “AtrocityCL Two” would no longer make sense and that “AtrocityCL” is essentially still in use, this provides the perfect solution.

In the end, stay tuned for reviews though understand there may be delays, and for viewers of my YouTube channel, I will still continue subtitling videos. As frustrated and saddened as I may be right now, this will indeed be a minor setback to reflect over in the future.