Makoto Shinkai – “Someone’s Gaze” Short Film Review

(Someone’s Gaze [ENG SUB]—unofficial YouTube upload)

Makoto Shinkai (Director) – Someone’s Gaze

Reviewed on January 29, 2019


Nonetheless, amidst all of the praise towards the created mood and realism Someone’s Gaze brings, there is a consistent critique: length. The film is too short. On the one hand, I can see why that singular aspect is troublesome. In my view, though, length itself is irrelevant. However, once we account for a film’s duration potentially affecting, for example, character development, we can now see where the negativity towards Someone’s Gaze stems from. That said, I disagree with that critique. I argue Shinkai’s Someone’s Gaze should, first of all, be gauged on its merit; we, as critical viewers, need to look beyond length and raw entertainment.

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