Hi, I’m glad you’re back and though I understand you’re busy, it would be a pleasure to hear your thoughts on BTS’ Spring Day and Not Today (though personally, I prefer the former because of its musical style and easy to follow melody). I’ve enjoyed seeing insights on music through your reviews. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Hello. Thank you so much for this request and kind words, and thank you for also being aware of my tighter schedule. Nevertheless, requests will always have room and I am sincerely grateful for them, so thank you for sending this in. That said, I think realistically it would be better for me to review one of the songs and personally with listening to “Spring Day” and with your preference to it, I will choose that as the song to review. In the future, though, I may return to “Not Today.” I hope this is understandable. 

To already leak some thoughts on “Spring Day,” I am incredibly excited to review it. It is perhaps BTS’ best song–or at least, from the songs I have heard. In particular, I find the composers’ decision on how the instrumental plays out was a  somewhat large risk that ended up rewarding the song greatly. Furthermore, the vocals from the members are quite impressive. Overall, it truly is a praiseworthy song and I look forward to reviewing it. For now, there is another request in place–BTS’ “Dead Leaves”–so this request will be coming out a bit later. But indeed, I will get to it. (And with “Dead Leaves” being a song by BTS as well, perhaps that review will interest you as well.) Once again, thank you so much for the request. I hope to finish it in roughly a week.