Hi! I recently discovered your blog and I have 2 things to say but first let me congratulate you for the quality of your reviews, I’m enjoying them so much! So, here I go: 1. It frustrates me that you don’t keep a page on Facebook, or updates through e-mail, or any type of medium that lets readers know when you post something new. I’m not a Tumblr user but your work is way too good to be restricted to this. I’d love to be warned when you post something and I’m sure there are other people like me

(continue) 2. I am a songwriter pursuing a career in k-pop, your reviews are helping me a lot in therms of improving my perception of k-pop songs (lyrics, structure, vocals, everything). It would be a great pleasure if I could have my songs reviewed by you one day. Thank you and keep the great work.

Hello. Before addressing these points, I do want to personally thank you for taking the time to send this in and for all the kind, supportive words said. I sincerely appreciate it. That said, I will cover each point now.

Regarding the first, this is excellent feedback. Although I acknowledge that most of my readers are actually not Tumblr users at all, I never thought of using other mediums as a way of notifying readers. If anything, I had hoped this blog was simply bookmarked and manually checked. But even then, there is nothing efficient currently in place to make my reviews more accessible. For what I plan to do, due to how an email subscription would be a bit more difficult to implement as of now (though perhaps in the far future it will work), in the meantime I can definitely create a Facebook page. Especially with how popular Facebook is, it seems to be an appropriate medium and of course it allows for this blog to become more noticed. Furthermore, I can easily post minor updates, such as explaining why the blog may be inactive at times. (And if readers are curious as to why there has been no review in December yet, it is due to finishing up my university semester. I have a growing list of reviews that I am excited to get to.) Edit: After many attempts to make the Facebook Page work, I am finding it far too difficult to manage. I will find another solution to help readers become notified of new posts.

For the second point, I am glad that you find my reviews helpful. I would definitely be more than glad to review any future song you end up writing. And to that, I wish you the very best in your pursuing of songwriting for K-Pop songs. That said, for something to keep in mind, while these reviews may be helpful to you, I would still strongly encourage equally reading, listening, and watching other K-Pop reviewers. I say this as, in the end, my reviews are still from a single perspective–and it is a perspective that is not utterly objective. What matters, though–and I bet you are already well aware with this due to being a songwriter–is understanding why reviewers claim what they claim about a song. For example I might find a chorus in a particular song weak due to some reasons, but another reviewer might find that very chorus to be the best she/he has ever heard due to reasons I perhaps overlooked. 

All in all, thank you once again for sending this in. All the feedback given is tremendously helpful. As for your songwriting career, your dedication and learning will definitely be rewarded in the long run. I wish you the best in your future, and I will indeed be willing to review songs that you help create.