AtrocityCL on Twitter!

Although this is more of a test, I do want to make an announcement that hopefully stays true: I will now also be on Twitter. That said, this blog is still the best way to contact me for review requests, questions and so on. 

There are numerous reasons for why I am adding this change: 

1. For readers who use Twitter but not Tumblr, this provides a way to stay tuned to new content posted on this blog.

2. This allows me to post upcoming reviews–even YouTube videos (as I do subtitling and translations)–in a place that will not be obstructing to the blog itself.

3. Along the lines of the second point, I can also now give “personal” updates–but I do mean this in a more lenient way. Although I believe in being truthful at all times, I do prefer to keep my personal life aside from my reviews but I do wish to give updates regarding the lack of reviews, new ideas, and so forth.

And so, I hope this all works out and if not, then this post will merely disappear along with the Twitter. Look forward to many upcoming reviews.