Hi! I always seem to come to you with a request. But this time it’s not Mamamoo! My first group, AKMU, recently had a comeback and I’d really like it if you could throw them into the queue for consideration. AKMU has a special place in my heart and they are very dear to me. :-)

Hello, and to comically share, I did expect a MAMAMOO request of some sort. On topic, I can definitely review the recent comeback by AKMU. While I am not an avid listener of the sibling duo, I am very much familiar with them and indeed, they are well known within the K-Pop realm even despite having a much different style than many other artists. Personally, their music is reminiscent of musical theaters; a lot of their songs and even concepts seem to fit with giving not so much usual choreography and singing, but rather, singing that fits with a stage acting type of choreography. But, considering how their concepts and lyrics can be very thought-invoking (for example, “Melted” made me bawl in tears due to both lyrics and music video–I highly recommend readers to give this a view and hear as it is such a powerful, critical critique of many societies’ ethics and structure), their musical and dancing styles perfectly fit. And besides, seldom are artists willing to put themselves at criticism for diving into subtle (or not so subtle) social topics, so much respect to AKMU in that regard.

Digression aside, I will debate on whether to review “Re-Bye” or “How People Move.” I am leaning towards the former, but as always please feel free to send another message to clarify if you would like one over the other, or if you would wish to see both. (Though if both are desired, due to time restraints I will have to hold off on the second until some time later.) Thanks for sending in the request. I will work hard to finish this along with another request I received earlier (and of which I will review first to be fair–though I am not always a fan of giving priority to the fastest person as that in of itself is never purely fair). Expect the review to come towards the end of May.