Regarding Bestie’s lack of popularity, I cant believe their vocals and talents are not much appreciated. Could it be because they left EXID a few years ago and Korean fans dislike it? I understand Tahiti, Stellar and Hello Venus are lacking in vocal talent😊

You are a US citizen? Do u think there are atleast 1% US population interested in kpop? 


Excellent questions–as can always be expected from you. Thanks for asking. To first answer the latter question as that is less complex to answer, indeed I am a U.S. citizen, but regarding if at least 1% of the U.S. population is interested in K-Pop, I am not too sure. Given that K-Pop is garnering popularity to places outside of Asia, and with specifically the U.S. seeming to have more interest (an example is a famous American comedian and MC, Conan O’Brien; I highly recommend people watching the behind-the-scenes to his cameo on a drama–I laughed so hard), perhaps at the very least that statistic may be true. Overall, I would say it is plausible and even likely that at least 1% of the U.S. population enjoys K-Pop. An excellent question that I sadly cannot confidently answer.

In terms of the former question, I actually have wondered about the lack of popularity in certain groups–BESTie being one I pondered over months ago. With the ladies, their songs are not poor at all. And if speaking from skills, they definitely have vocal capabilities and dancing skills. (After all, BESTie has Uji, and to brag about her vocals, they are monstrous–in a good way; she can hit powerful, high and long notes.) For example, “Thank U Very Much” is actually a very solid song. The conclusion especially deserves much praise for its incredibly well executed two-part singing. Other songs are also not bad, such as “I Need You.” (I did review it though I feel that I was excessively critical in that review.) Also, though I reviewed the music video and not the song itself, “Excuse Me” would have appeared to be a “breakthrough” song for the group given the catchiness and concept, but unfortunately that is not the case. And so, though in the end we all can only speculate, there are some good ideas.

Discussing your thoughts, it may very much be true that the initial split between EXID and BESTie (to clarify for readers, EXID’s Solji and even Hyerin if correct, were “new” members while EXID’s LE, Hani, and Junghwa were the “original” EXID members) could have caused popularity issues, but due to specifically grudges left by the public? I do challenge that part. However, nonetheless, a split occurring at all would usually cripple a group’s popularity–more so to ones already unpopular, as the “original” EXID group most likely was (“Whoz That Girl” did not reap the popularity it currently has until EXID became famous–and of which will be discussed). Continuing on, with the split between “original” EXID and the forming of current EXID and BESTie, in truth, both were–in very unsophisticated terms–screwed. What differed greatly is that EXID found their breakthrough: Hani’s fancam (a recording that is, as is its label, from a fan’s camera’s perspective). BESTie, on the other hand, are still looking for said breakthrough–this perhaps being ultimately the reason for why they are not as popular as EXID currently is. 

All in all, although none of us can ever pinpoint a definite reason–if even reason and not reasons–I do personally doubt that the initial split is to be blamed. In summary: both groups after the split were unpopular, but EXID managed to find a way toward popularity while BESTie did not (Hani’s fancam). And even afterwards, with the public now at attention thanks to the fancam, EXID continued to garner popularity through their very humble, hilarious and charming personalities. BESTie, although the ladies certainly are also very humble, kind, hard working, funny and so forth, they just lack the initial spark that is needed to expose the public to said charms. 

As said earlier, thanks for asking these very brilliant questions, and I hope my answers somewhat provide new insight. And for random news, due to how excellent the questions were, I became so engrossed in answering them that I nearly forgot my girl was snoozing right behind me. (And she adorably snored at one point.) To other readers, thanks for reading and for being patient with the next review. I am currently busy nurturing my girl to good health–mentally, emotionally, and physically. (Refer to the prior post of welcoming Venus home.) Once all is settled, expect many reviews to come (and subtitled videos as well of Fiestar, for those who are fans).