Thank you for reviewing Twice’s Song “Like Ohh Ahh” and i have to admit i am quite sad that the song did not satisfy you. But, following that, i’m sorry to as i am being greedy with requests but i hope you could review iKon’s “Airplane” , and a analysis of MV would be greatly appreciated! Thx for reading and best wishes!

You’re welcome for the review. Again, also thank you for requesting it in the first place and for being patient. Unfortunately the song did score poorly, but I do expect TWICE to release significantly better songs in the future. As the review covered, “Like Ooh-Ahh” simply sounds too standard to be appealing; the song carries a very stereotypical “pop music” structure and sound, and therefore, is nothing unique. 

As for iKON, I will review “Airplane” next, but specifically the music video. Due to how my review schedule is slightly behind, I doubt I can also fulfill your request of reviewing the song itself. Apologies if that is the case. A music video review should be significantly quicker to finish, and thus, that will help fix the schedule. But, “Airplane,” even if for its music video, will definitely be reviewed (and it is an interesting music video; I have already watched it twice and am still needing to do more analysis). iKON has also been a group I have planned to review at one point. Also, do not worry of being “greedy” with requests; I wholeheartedly appreciate it, and I am certain other readers also equally appreciate it. Requests help guide this blog so that relevant and desirable reviews are written, not ones where there is minimal interest.

As always, thank you very much for the request. I will attempt to finish it in four or so days, but it may be sooner or later depending on my current workload. Look forward to it.